Before, during and after COP23 we must #BringParisHome to our communities.

Transitioning to a decarbonized society will take all of us doing all we can, wherever we can. The Paris Agreement will be implemented locally. We’ve compiled a list of actions anyone can do. We need your help spreading the word and holding your locality accountable.

What is the Paris Agreement?

The Paris Agreement is a promise by the international community to limit climate change. Countries determine for themselves what they can contribute and how much they can reduce their emissions. Scientists say the window of opportunity is closing for us to act before climate lock-in occurs. The Paris Agreement is the best shot we’ve got to do so.

What Can You Do to Bring the Paris Agreement Home?

1- Spread The Word

Change your social media profile pictures to the #BringParisHome frame in November during COP23

Tweet at your local government officials and businesses to set a Science Based Target or join the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

2- Reach Out to Your Local Government

Ask your representatives if their jurisdiction is following through on their climate commitments through active GHG accounting or reporting

Discover if your local jurisdiction is a part of the NAZCA portal, Under2 MOU Coalition, or Global Covenant of Mayors

US Citizens: Make sure your city is a member of “America’s Pledge”

3- Reach Out to Businesses

Encourage companies and businesses you engage with to make climate commitments and set Science-Based Targets or join the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Would you like to join the coalition of organizations and individuals supporting the #BringParisHome campaign?  Email us at

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