What We Do

Paris Agreement (dot) org produces and communicates objective analyses to assist the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. ParisAgreement.org seeks to identify technical gaps and catalyze change so that countries can effectively address climate change. In terms of transparency in the Paris Agreement, this comes down to the quality of country inventories of greenhouse gas emissions. Operating as a “pop-up NGO” around the UNFCCC negotiations, ParisAgreement.org visualizes and contextualizes the negotiations to expand the circle understanding the complex process around the Paris Agreement.


Tracking the UNFCCC negotiations and making the multilateral climate change process more easily understandable through contextualization and visualization.


Bringing together bottom-up and top-down detection greenhouse gas estimates for more transparent, complete, consistent, comparable, and accurate greenhouse gas information.


ParisAgreement.org works in partnership with a number of institutes, sharing technical expertise with the goal of increasing country transparency under the Paris Agreement.

Who We Are

Our team digs into technical working processes and international negotiations so that the reporting on the ground matches emissions in the atmosphere. We bring together experts and volunteers from a variety of disciplines and organizations to communicate high-impact messages to decisionmakers on a common message: a successful Paris climate regime hinges upon increasing the transparency and dependability of greenhouse gas estimates.


Chris Jenkins

Documentary Filmmaker & University of California Santa Barbara Lecturer // ParisAgreement.org Media Specialist


    Kirk Sato

    PhD Candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography // ParisAgreement.org Affiliate


      Culley Thomas

      Senior Strategic Planner in Climate and Sustainability at AECOM // ParisAgreement.org Affilitate


        A. Grace Steig

        Environmental Studies: Anthropology, Yale 2015 // ParisAgreement.org Affiliate

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          Patrick Cage


            Cat Martini

            Catherine Martini

            Co-Founder & Science Communications Strategist


              Joana Melo

              PhD Candidate, University of Leeds // ParisAgreement.org Affilitate


                Yaamini Venkataraman

                PhD Candidate, University of Washington // ParisAgreement.org Affiliate and Graphic Designer


                  Hannah Nesser

                  Environmental Engineering, Yale 2016 // ParisAgreement.org Affiliate


                    Austin Ruckstuhl

                    M.A. International Relations; Manager at Smile Train // Parisagreement.org Affiliate


                      Bryan Elliot

                      Advisor, Web & Data Visualization


                      Holden Leslie-Bole

                      Affiliate, Geology & Geophysics, Yale 2018


                      Andrew Orozco

                      Affiliate, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

                      ParisAgreement.org builds on a decade of work to incubate cutting-edge projects in the forest carbon space. Read about our history fostering carbon policy innovation as the Tropical Forest Group.

                      ParisAgreement.org is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered as a corporation in the State of California and an accredited observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as the Tropical Forest Group. The Paris Agreement Institute has one Director, several part-time Staff, Board Members, and Affiliates. Several hundred volunteers have helped over the Institute’s history.

                      Where We Are

                      Over our 10-year organizational history working in the international climate change space, we have conducted studies and engaged in projects all over the world. See some of where we’ve worked: