Reading between the lines of the Paris Agreement.

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Transparency and verification are the backbone of the Paris Agreement on climate change. We contextualize and visualize core issues around the international negotiations and technical greenhouse gas inventory processes. 

Paris Agreement.org is at the confluence of international climate policy, carbon science and communications to catalyze agreement between bottom-up greenhouse gas inventories and top-down atmospheric measurements. Throughout its decade-long history, our dynamic non-profit has seeded numerous innovative projects across the space to accelerate policy transformation. Our goal is to bring together the data from the ground and the facts in the atmosphere. Better aligning bottom-up national greenhouse gas inventories with top-down satellite measurements and other third party reports on greenhouse gas emissions is the key piece of a successful international climate change regime.

Our theory of change involves working with decisionmakers and the public to highlight key areas for improving country transparency. Our work seeks to help make the Paris Agreement a reality.

Tracking Negotiations, Analyzing Emissions, Sharing Results

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For media working on highly rapid deadlines, contact John O. Niles. For other media enquiries, contact Patrick Cage and Catherine Martini.

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Where We've Worked

In the past 10 years, the incubator now known as ParisAgreement.org has implemented innovative climate science, policy, & communications initiatives all over the world.


Covering only objective developments around the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC negotiations.

COP22 Interactive Mandate Tracker

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In Action at COP21


PA.org at COP22

Multilateralism is complex. We’re here to make it easier to understand.

In 2015, the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Paris set out 91 mandates with timelines in the Paris Agreement and the accompanying Decision Text. With 29 mandates triggered by the Entry into Force of the Paris Agreement – years earlier than expected – 34 mandates were at play for COP22.

Interactive Mandate Tracker

The ParisAgreement.org Negotiations Progress Tracker objectively follows and communicates UNFCCC negotiations. We produce analytics and share context to help observers follow the process. See the interactive mandate progress tracker here for mandates through COP22:

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State of Play

We parsed, combed through and analyzed the UNFCCC progress tracker to bring you the state of play regarding 34 mandates leading into COP22. Here’s what we found:

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There were 34 mandates with timelines “at play” in Marrakech from the Paris Agreement at the start of COP22. 29 of these were triggered by the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, years earlier than originally anticipated. How Parties begin to address these mandates was the center of the discussion at Marrakech.

ParisAgreement.org developed analytics on these 34 mandates at play in Marrakech, describing their topictimelinelegal naturesource text, etc.

These and other analytics are open source, available for use with attribution, and are available for download below. Throughout the COP22 negotiations, we followed these mandates on our Interactive Mandate Tracker and reported through @ParisAgreement, along with GHG transparency metrics. We also provided context to reporters following the negotiations.

Just the Facts at COP

The @ParisAgreement Twitter handle hones in exclusively on the negotiations and key information around international transparency and capacity-building for climate change.