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By the Numbers

If a Paris Agreement comes out of COP21, it will be the largest environmental treaty of our lifetimes. We’re tracking developments of this unwieldy text at the COP and reporting out with developments as they emerge. Here’s the penultimate draft Paris Agreement and decision by the numbers:

28,370 total words.
1,059 paragraphs.
1,622 [brackets] signifying lines of contended text.
228 Options in the text (259 instances of “option” minus 31 of “adoption.”)
11 days to negotiate.
196 Parties that must arrive arrive at consensus for a new universal climate change agreement.
See how these numbers are changing with our Paris Roadmap will show you the way to make sense of rapid updates throughout the negotiations. Our team has our eyes on the facts: the text, the process, and the negotiations. Keep your eyes on us for the breaking news and analytics.

The Paris Roadmap: COP21 Breaking News Feed

The Paris Roadmap is operational! We’ve developed this tool to order the streams of information at COP21. Check it out here:

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The Paris Roadmap is a one-of-a-kind customized twitter feed designed for use at COP21 and beyond. This reporter-friendly resource provides to-the-minute updates on the facts, which can be sorted to help cut through the deluge of updates on a conventional feed. The feed sorts by topic (mitigation, ecosystems, etc.), direction of progress (roadblocks, momentum, etc.), as well as other core areas (logistics and safety). Our crew on the ground will be delivering reporting and analytics from inside the negotiation halls and curating content to allow all the facts to be sorted by topic.

You can help enhance this resource by tweeting breaking facts at @ParisAgreement at COP. We’ll quote retweet you with our categorizing hashtags, and help amplify your voice.

#ParisAgreement FireChat

Support the Paris Agreement. Get rapid updates from inside the negotiation halls and on the ground at COP21. No wifi or data required, with the #ParisAgreement FireChat feed:

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Our team at ParisAgreement.org is working with OpenGarden to launch a #ParisAgreement feed for FireChat, a free mobile app which enables public participation at a very large scale. FireChat provides a forum through which followers of the talks can participate virtually and receive rapid information about what is going on inside the negotiation halls, as well as have access to any safety and logistical updates, even without wifi or data access. In the last year, hundreds of thousands in Taipei, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Kuala Lumpur have used FireChat to support democracy. We see the key role it can play in allowing virtual participation, sharing facts from inside the accredited zones, and ensuring that security information movements as quickly as possible.

Help strengthen environmental democracy. Join us for the virtual launch of the COP21 FireChat feed on November 28 (the day of the CAN meeting in Paris). This link can be shared to set up an account and join directly in the chat: http://firech.at/ParisAgreement.

The Annotated Negotiating Text

The draft of the Paris Agreement looks like a high-stakes choose-your-own-adventure novel. Our annotated negotiating text exists to make the story a bit clearer.
We track developments in the negotiating text and uploading the most recent versions of the draft Paris Agreement and the accompanying COP decision(s). Our analytics provide indicators of progress at COP towards a final Paris Agreement that contains no brackets or options, and instead represents universal consensus.
December 5 draft texts:
December 4 draft texts:

Progress ADP options Nov 10 to Dec 4
Progress ADP Brackets Nov 10 to Dec 4


Number Brackets per ADP agreement draft articles Dec 4

ParisAgreement analytics table Dec 4
See our negotiating text repository and the downloadable analytics here.

The ParisAgreement.org Platform

We have obtained the ParisAgreement.org domain and many variants because we want the right stories to be told about COP 21 in Paris. These domains will be among the top search hits when individuals look up the forthcoming climate treaty. We took the liberty of acquiring these domains to ensure that these they do not fall in the wrong hands, say, those of an oil company seeking to doctor narratives for their own interest.


We are launching a web platform through ParisAgreement.org to ensure that factual and productive narratives surround the Paris Agreement. The platform has two life-cycles: tracking developments on the ground during COP 21 and in the time after COP 21 until the Agreement is implemented in 2020.


To help you understand the flurry of activity at COP21, we are honing in on just those critical details that impact the forthcoming Paris Agreement: the negotiations, the evolving text, Party stances, and any security or safety updates. Our accredited team in Paris will be delivering to-the-minute information throughout the negotiations in Paris.

There are three tools in the ParisAgreement.org utility belt:

  1.  Our Paris Roadmap, a customized twitter feed that breaks down updates into degrees of progress (breakthroughs, roadblocks) and by topic (climate finance, mitigation, transparency).
  2. The #ParisAgreement FireChat feed, a rapid communication forum allowing participation and transparency during the talks.
  3. Our annotated negotiating text, which will be updated with the latest drafts as the talks commence, and will include party stances to help you make sense of the 1,622 brackets and 228 Options in the text.


Our goal for this web platform is solid information and trustworthy analysis, toeing the line between thoughtful and accessible. Our goal for the negotiations is to build confidence that can lead to measurable international progress on climate change. Our political platform? That international cooperation is integral to progress on climate change. We know that building a spirit of cooperation requires good, transparent data, which is why we’ve build this collaborative toolkit.

Our Story

We are a small but dedicated group of professionals working to ensure a comprehensive climate change agreement in 2015. Towards this end, we obtained the major domain names associated with the expected name of the new Paris Agreement. This site and its variants will be a media platform for to-the-minute information during the negotiations at COP21 and beyond as the world moves to implement aggressive policies to fight climate change. Our mission for this platform is rapid, fact-based coverage of the negotiations to help orient observers of the process, offering an option between hopelessness and overconfident optimism.
The Paris Agreement (dot) org media platform is sponsored by the Tropical Forest Group, a non-profit organization based in the United States and an accredited observer to the UNFCCC. We have helped make major news headlines at climate negotiations through our media advocacy and coalition building in past years. This year at COP21 in Paris, we aim to ensure that observers of the fast-paced negotiations will be well informed through our collaborative media platform, breaking and disseminating critical news at the COP. We want to share the most full and factual story of the Paris Agreement possible.tfg lowgo

With special thanks to our friends at:

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You Can Participate

The Paris Agreement web platform is a collaborative project.  Our mission to contribute to positive progress in Paris. We want to do this by telling the right stories together.  We’ll have our own dedicated team at Paris, but we believe that “teamwork makes the dream work.”  Our news is your news, so help us make transparency and democracy succeed in Paris.
Here’s how you can join in our mission to make COP21 a success:

At COP21:

1. If you’re on the ground and following the negotiations, tweet breaking news at @ParisAgreement and we’ll share it via our Paris Roadmap.  Fact-based and analytic updates will be retweeted with our categorizing hashtags.  As much as we strategize, sprint, and caffeinate, our team can’t be everywhere at once.  Throw your intel our way, we’ll broadcast it to your credit, and everyone following will know what’s breaking in the negotiations and the text.

2. For the most rapid, crowdsourced possible updates, join the #ParisAgreement FireChat. This will provide a system for fully democratic COP updates using mesh peer-to-peer smartphone connections.  That means rapid updates from everyone plugged in at once.  When the data networks get overloaded and the wifi craps out, a peer-to-peer systems gets stronger.  We’ll categorize verified events and share them via the Paris Roadmap.
From anywhere:

3. Help our launch pre-COP21.  Follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook.  Share the word via retweets and invites.  This platform aspires to be a collaborative information hub. Spreading the word can help the facts prevail in Paris.

We love group projects.  If you have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea for how to make this platfom excel at COP and want to collaborate, reach out!  Contact us at info@parisagreement.org.